Main EinGame Screen
Level 2 Screenshot
Level 3 Screenshot
Level 4 Screenshot
Level 4 Screenshot (Dark)
Level 4 Fate Traders

Fate Traders! Trade things


Who made EinGame?

Eingame was coded in Borland C++Builder 6 by Jim Kinsman Most of the graphics were created by Jim Kinsman. The main EinGame title was created by John Goodwin. The boss in level 3 (Necromicus) was created by Matt Harding. The boss and all of the badguys in level 4 were created by Dennis Collier.

You will enjoy EinGame if:

What type of game is EinGame?

It is quite hard to decide what type of game it is. I would say it is a clash between an RPG and a puzzler type game. Try it out!

System Requirements

Windows 95 or higher. (Or Linux using Wine) 1024 by 768 Screen Resolution or higher. 66 mhz cpu or higher.

Released July 2003, Re-released January 2022

Tested on Windows 10, Windows 11, and Linux using Wine


EinGame9.zip Download (Windows 32bit 439KB) [511 downloads]

Disclaimer: This game was created before I became a Christian and some of the Weapons/Items named I would not choose again. Releasing for historical purposes.

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